"Therein lies the true power: to have eyes and not to be afraid. The real healing is acceptance and the real process is surrender." — Claudio Naranjo


To accompany people on their path towards self-knowledge and personal and spiritual development, both in times of crisis and difficulties, as well as to continue becoming more conscious.

Normally, we live with learned responses that lead us to the same thing, and we need to become aware of this in order to reorient our lives so that we feel more fulfilled. In this therapeutic process, it opens the possibility to become aware of your fears, wounds, insecurities and blocks, and how these have been generated since childhood and have been maintained in your life. Little by little you will learn to see the conditioned program in you -and take responsibility for it-, to move on to a free and fluid way of living.

With this self-knowledge, you will live in the present with awareness, without being trapped in the past or constantly worried about the future. You will acquire tools to face conflicts or situations that may arise during the rest of your life. Every moment of your life will be an opportunity to know yourself, to grow, to transform, to become more unconditionally happy.

In Spanish, Galician or English.

– If you are in a moment of vital crisis, not knowing very well what is happening to you, what to do, what to feel and what to think.
– If the emotions are pressing you and do not let you feel free,  or you repress them leaving you in a state of disconnection with yourself.
– If there is something that worries or burdens you too much, and does not let you be at peace.
– If you want to make a decision and you are overcome with fear.
– If you are going through or have gone through a situation of grief or loss of a loved one, and you are having a hard time integrating it.
– If you have experienced a traumatic event and it is difficult for you to be yourself again.
– If you have lost confidence in yourself or feel like your world is falling apart.

– If you want to live in harmony with yourself, with others and with the world.

From my respect and acceptance for who you are, I offer you a space where the conditions will be created to be able to place that which prevents you from moving towards your freedom and well-being.


On a mental level, those who practice it mention feeling a strengthening of their observation capacity and a greater level of mental peace and relaxation. It also improves states of anxiety by allowing to observe situations more calmly, and facilitates an improvement in mood. On the other hand, it helps us to identify ourselves and to give a less exaggerated tone to the importance of our thoughts.

I have been practicing different types of meditation since 2011, and since 2012 I have participated in six meditation retreats with  Fundación Vipassana participated in the organization of these.

Hara, Vipassana, Anapana and Metta meditation are the ones that have accompanied me the most during this time.


Each session lasts about an hour and a quarter.

The number of sessions will depend on what you want to work on, what you want to deepen in the overall process, etc.

Of course. By video call or even phone call.

Mainly humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Depending on what the person needs for the process and at the point in which he/she is, naturally the path that best suits the person at any given moment will be followed.

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